Spray Drying

Spray Dryer #1

As the largest toll spray dryer in the UK, Express Contract Drying Ltd is the first choice for food companies looking for a fast, independent service.

Fast Turnaround
Personalised Service

When you need to outsource your spray drying, a quick turnaround time is essential. With eight spray dryers across two sites running 24/7 and a capacity of 6,500 tonnes per annum, Express Contract Drying is able to get your product dried and returned quickly. We aim to turnaround all products within 7-10 days, and are often able to turnaround the product even sooner, working day and night to help you meet your deadlines.

Whether you’re looking for a small lab scale to trial runs (approx. 5kg) or require regular runs of much larger quantities, Express Contract Drying is available to help. We deal with jobs of all types and quantities, and will work with companies of all sizes to provide the exact service your company needs.

Pilot Spray Dryer
Pilot Spray Dryer
Dryer 1 Bagging Area
Dryer 2 Control Panel Data Collection
Dryer 2 Control Panel Data Collection
Spray dryer nozzle
Dryer 2 Bagging Area
Dryer 4 Control Panel Data Collection
Dryer 4 Control Panel Data Collection

We understand that if you’re sending out your materials and formulations to another company, you want to be sure that they remain confidential.

That’s why Express Contract Drying is completely independent from any other company. All details regarding your products are kept in strict confidence, so you can be satisfied that your formulations and knowledge won’t be shared.


Toll Blending

Express Contract Drying Ltd has a range of toll blenders to meet your requirements

Fast Turnaround
Dry and Liquid Blending Available
Personalised Service

With dedicated blending services for food products running 24/7 and a large capacity available, Express Contract Drying can meet all your blending needs. We specialise in turning around blending jobs in 7-10 days so that you don’t have to worry about missing your deadlines.

With our range of blending facilities, we are able to handle both your dry blends and liquid plating.

Whatever the size of your company or the size of your product, we can help. From small blends to production runs of hundreds of tonnes, Express Contract Drying has invested in the equipment to make sure we can meet your requirements.

Blending facilities at Tregaron
Blending facilities at Ebbw Vale

Toll Mixing

Mixing Colours

With capacity jacketed heated tanks, Express Contract Drying Ltd is available for all your mixing needs.

Jacketed Heated Tanks
Hot and Cold Mixing
No Job too Big or Small

When you require a product mixing and homogenising, Express Contract Drying offers toll mixing services to our customers. With jacketed heated tanks allowing for both cold and heated mixes and capacities from small to large, we can meet your food based mixing requirements, whatever the size.

Mixing Food Flavours
Ebbw Vale Mixing Room
Toll Mixing Tank

Research & Development

Pilot Spray Dryer
Pilot Spray Dryer
Analytical Laboratory

Whether you’re a start-up or an international company, we can help you develop your product.

Fast Turnaround
Lab and Pilot Dryers
Over 35 Years of Experience

With lab dryer and pilot dryer facilities, we’re able to run trial products on your behalf. Before committing to a larger run, we are able to produce samples of anywhere between 100 grams and 5 kilograms.

With over 35 years’ experience spray drying a wide range of products, we bring our expertise to every product we run, and work with our customers to help make their product the best it can possibly be. Whatever stage you’re at, we can help take your product to the next level.

Pilot Dryer for Sample Runs
Pilot Dryer Nozzle Close-up


Quality Checked Products
Quality Checking

When you send your product to Express Contract Drying, you can be confident that we are invested in quality.

BRC AA rated since 2018
Continual Investment in quality
Kosher certified and Halal registered

Express Contract Drying operates a quality system in line with the BRC standards for food manufacture. In early 2018 we achieved a “AA rank” to surpass the “A rank” we’d held since 2005.

We believe in keeping the site and the equipment in top condition, and continually reinvest in making sure that we provide the best service for our customers. Over the past three years we have invested £3million in our facilities, including new top of the range dryers and refurbishment of production areas.

To meet all our customer requirements, we hold Kosher certification with KLBD, and Halal Registration via IFANCA.

For certification, documentation and quality matters please email quality@expresscontractdrying.com with your request which will be answered by a member of our quality department.

Research and development
Laboratory analysis equipment