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Welcome to Express Contract Drying

As the largest independent toll spray dryer in the UK, Express Contract Drying Ltd is the first choice for food and food supplement manufacturers in the UK.

Whether you’re looking to alleviate overcapacity in your own production facilities, or wish to outsource the expensive and intensive process of spray drying to a company dedicated to the operation, Express Contract Drying is able to help, from laboratory scale to commercial production, from 50 grams to 50 metric tonnes.

With over 40 years’ experience, 11 tall form spray dryers, 4 powder blenders, homogenisation, encapsulation, agglomeration and extensive onsite storage, we offer a comprehensive and confidential service for customers in the food and food supplements industries.

Our company ECD Ingredients is a leading manufacturer and supplier of spray dried vinegar powders, juice powders, micro encapsulated fat powders, microencapsulated vitamin and powders of named provenance.


Learn more about the services we offer, then call us to discuss your specific requirements or email commercial@expresscontractdrying.com

Office Ebbw Vale: +44 (0)1495 303363

Commercial enquiries: +44 (0)7584 088463

Sales quotes and order placement: sales@expresscontractdrying.com


about us

Ebbw Vale Site

Express Contract Drying Ltd is the largest provider of toll spray dryer and contract powder blending services for food and food supplements in the United Kingdom

Established in 1991, ECD is an authority on spray drying process, offering unrivalled technical expertise. Express Contract Drying operates 11 state of the art spray dryers and 4 powder blenders manufacturing:
  • Micro encapsulated flavours
  • Micro encapsulated colours
  • Plated flavours
  • Vinegar powders
  • Fruit Juice Powders
  • Micro Encapsulated Vitamins, Minerals
  • Active Ingredients and Speciality Powders
  We serve Domestic and International:
  • Flavour houses
  • Colour manufacturers
  • Snack seasoning
  • Active and Sports Nutrition manufacturers
  • Nutrition Brands
  Our technical experts work closely with our customers to choose the correct mix of equipment, staff and encapsulating ingredients to ensure best possibly of transforming our customer liquid ingredients into free-flowing powders. ECD offers support from ideation to commercialisation, starting with our laboratory spray dryer through to commercialisation on a production scale spray dryer.
  • 11 Spray dryers: Capacities from 2 – 600 litres per hour evaporation
  • 4 powder blenders
  • Micro Encapsulation and homogenisation
  • Dedicated Halal, Kosher, allergen free site s
  • Custom packing
  • Agglomeration
  • BRC9 AA
  Due to the breath of evaporation capacities and number of spray dryers. ECD are flexible to meet our customer wide and varied requirements.
Over six million pounds invested in the last six years
Express Contract Drying has invested heavily in the plant and facilities, installing the very latest spray dryers This ensures that Express Contract Drying remains at the forefront of the industry, with what we believe is the most modern facility of its type

Spray Drying

How do you get a lump of cheese onto a crisp? Channel 4’s Food Unwrapped sees how Express Contract Drying help their customers produce natural flavours.

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Our Services

We understand your requirement and provide quality confidential product

Spray Drying

As the largest toll spray dryer in the UK, we’re the first choice for food companies looking for a fast, quality certified independent service


Toll Blending

We have a range of blenders capable of both dry and liquid blends for the food flavours and colours industry


Toll Mixing

With high capacity jacketed heated tanks dedicated to food grade materials, we’re available for all your mixing needs


Research & Development

Whether you’re a start-up or an international company, we can help you develop your flavour and colour products to meet the requirements of the food industry with small batch production capability


ECD provides tailor-made spray drying solutions for its customers.

Recipe development assistance
Pilot tests and commercialisation with NPD Team. ECD has modern new product development, headed by Department Manager Mr Scott Bray
Validation of customer recipe , process and sampling to customer

Industrial production:
Liquid slurry preparation before drying involving ( Mixing, hydrolysing, shearing, reacting, homogenisation, emulsion preparation, filtration, pasteurisation. etc
Custom spray drying
Custom packing to suit customer needs from 10kg to 1,000 Kg in bag, cardboard and / or Big Bag
Post spray drying powder blending
Quality control


ECD has a wide range of equipment to support customers, from pilot to industrial scale
11 * Tall form spray dryers
Agglomeration and powder texturiser
3 * 2000 litre powder ribbon blender
1 * 300 litre powder ribbon blender
1 * 75 litre powder conical blender
Homogenisation, Micro encapsulation, Liquid emulsion preparation facility


We service the demands of our customers in the following markets:
Spray dried food flavours
Spray dried food colours
Spray dried vinegar and buffered vinegar powders
Spray dried juice powders
Microencapsulated vitamin and mineral powder
Microencapsulated oil powders
Spray dried nutraceuticals
Micronised plant proteins

Over 4,000 dried ingredients, as varied as:
Natural colours
Fruit and vegetable powders
Vegetable proteins
Vitamins and minerals
Adaptagens , Plant extracts



To be the first choice and best provider of contract spray drying , powder blending and packing services in the UK

ECD are BRCGS Accredited which guarantees to customers that ECD operate the standard of quality, safety and operational criteria which ensures we fulfil our legal obligations and provide protection for the end consumer

ECD is a member of SEDEX which is one of the world’s leading ethical trade service providers, working to improve working conditions in global supply chains

ECD is Ecovardis Rated

ECD is FDA Registered

ECD is Kosher an Halal Registered